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Triad maintains its lead in customer satisfaction by offering wireless communications solutions based on emerging technologies in the area’s of Internet access, point-to-point LAN extensions and inside building mobile LAN.

Some examples of Outside Wireless Technology include:

  • Multi-Building Corporate environments

  • School/Campus environments

  • County/Regional LAN/WAN environments

  • Hospital-to-Clinic environments

Outside wireless solutions for Ethernet (10MBs), Fast Ethernet (100MBs) or Private Data Networks (Intranet) are available for point-to-point services (up to 10 miles) with ATM speeds at shorter distances. Encrypted microwave is a cost-effective solution for most use, with laser transmission available for high-speed secure links.

Inside wireless solutions offer portability of workstations, use of network devices in temporary areas and network availability in closed or isolated spaces.

We can provide you the best, state-of-the-art solution to your communications needs, professionally installed and all at a cost-effective rate.