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Receiving awards from associations and business groups is sometimes taken for granted by large companies. We have won our fair share of those awards, but have never lost sight of the fact that those awards are a result of safe, quality work, not simply because of the amount of time that has been dedicated to a project or because of the Company’s reputation. Our offices work hard for their customers and all of the people involved are, in part, responsible for the overall success of the Company. Congratulations to all involved.

Safety Awards & Recognition:

  • 1996 Business Roundtable National Constructor Safety Award

  • 1998 GBRIA Contractor Safety Award

  • 2001 ABC National Safety Excellence Award Winner

  • 2002 ABC National Safety Excellence Award Merit

  • 2002 GBRIA Contractor Safety Award

  • 2003 GBRIA Contractor Safety Award – Honorable Mention

  • 2005 GBRIA Safety Award Winner

  • 2006 ABC National Safety Award of Merit

  • 2006 GBRIA Construction Award of Merit

  • 2007 GBRIA Construction Award Winner

  • 2007 ABC National Safety Excellence Award Winner

  • 2008 SLCUC Gold Level Safety Award

  • 2010 SLCUC Platinum Level Safety Award

  • Ten Years without an OSHA recordable injury – Motiva Enterprises, Convent, Louisiana

  • Ten Years without an OSHA recordable injury – ExxonMobil, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

  • ABC STEP Platinum Award

  • 2013 Hal Ginn Safety Award